We had known each other for long and had also played together in different combinations while we were in high school before Khatsaturjan was founded. In the year 2000 we formed a project band to do a couple of gigs playing classical works on a rock-combo. We performed arrangements of  Dvorak's, Mussorgsky's and Prokofiev's compositions. After a short break we put together the same line-up again in 2001 and started composing and rehearsing new material. As a result we recorded a mini-album "Aramsome Sums" between July and November 2002.

"Aramsome Sums" contained five original tracks by us and versions of Mussorgsky's "A Night On A Bare Mountain" and Berlioz's "A March To The Scaffold". The style of the album could be defined as symphonic progressive in vintage 70's vein. Hammond organ and fairly edged guitar sounds were characteristic on "Aramsome Sums". The album also gives a taste of the vocal harmonies which were later took to extremes on "Aramed Forces Of Simantipak". "Aramsome Sums" hasn't been released officially.

We started recording our first full-length album "Aramed Forces Of Simantipak" in June 2004.  It had been quite a while since the last project so we had nearly twice as much material ready (compared to what we had in "Sums"-sessions). Classical covers were abandoned this time so all the music was our original work. It took over a year to finish the album. As already on "Aramsome Sums", we did everything - including the production - completely ourselves so the album surely resulted as we planned. Choral parts, variety of synths, authentic strings, overdubbed guitars... In a word: "Aramed Forces Of Simantipak" is a BIG album. "Aramed Forces Of Simantipak" was released by Musea Records in June 2006.

We rented a rehearsal room in the same year's spring and finally got the possibility of rehearsing as an entire band on a regular basis, which we hadn't done for a few years (this had been the biggest reason for not gigging so far). We've mainly concentrated in training our new material as we've planned to start the recordings of a new album soon.